Prof. Ramesh Mishra, faculty at the Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences (CNCS), University of Hyderabad and Prof. Neils Schiller (Leiden University, The Netherlands) have been awarded the Science Diplomacy Fund by NWO which is the National Research Council of the Netherlands.

Prof. Ramesh Mishra

The objective of the fund is to develop diplomatic relations between the two countries pertaining to scientific research and policy-making. The focus will be on multilingualism and its consequences on education and economy. Several activities such as conferences and visits will be initiated as part of the fund after assessing the international travel situation in the world.…/science-di…/science-diplomacy-fund.html

Prof Mishra and Prof. Schiller earlier were awarded the ASEM-DUO India award. Prof. Mishra is an editorial board member of the prestigious international journal Bilingualiam: Language and Cognition, Cambridge University Press. His most recent book in the area of multilingualism was published by Springer Nature.