Prof. Venugopal Rao Soma, Senior Professor in ACRHEM at the University of Hyderabad has been accepted as a fellow of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) In recognition for the contribution to “Nanomaterials”.

Fellow of IAAM is a notable distinction that the International Association of Advanced Materials confers upon researchers and scientists to recognize their important contribution and efforts for the advancement of materials.

Prof. Venugopal Rao Soma

The Fellow of IAAM is recognized as a prestigious title that is only conferred upon deserving researchers who have made significant contribution to the world of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. By honouring the researchers and scientific elites with this coveted title, IAAM recognizes their hard work and also hopes to motivate the young and upcoming researchers to take research up as a long-term career.

Prof. Venugopal holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Hyderabad. Currently, he serves as a Senior Professor at the University of Hyderabad, showcasing his long-standing commitment to academia. Throughout his career, Prof. Soma made significant contributions to the field of optics and photonics. He has an impressive publication record, including a book, numerous book chapters, over 400 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings, and more than 150 presentations at international and national conferences. His work garnered over 10,230 citations, reflecting his substantial impact on the field.

Prof. Soma received numerous awards and recognitions, such as the MRSI medal, Fellowships from prestigious institutions like the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics in the UK, and recognition among the top 2% scientist in optics and photonics by a Stanford University study. Additionally, he has held editorial roles in respected scientific journals and is a Senior Member of organizations like OSA, SPIE, and IEEE.