Dr. Parul Mishra, faculty member in the Department of Animal Biology, School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) was recently invited to deliver a lecture and chair a session at the EMBO Workshop on “Proteostasis: From translation to degradation” held in Ericeira, Portugal from 17th– 21st November 2023.

EMBO, an organization uniting more than 1800 leading researchers globally, is dedicated to promoting excellence in life sciences. The focus of this workshop was to foster a comprehensive understanding of the proteostasis network- a netwrok that encompasses all biological mechanisms ensuring protein quality control. Imbalance in proteostasis often leads to the accumulation of misfolded proteins inside cells which are associated with neurodegeneration, cancer, chronic diseases and aging. The workshop was designed to provide a platform to researchers working on proteostasis around the globe to highlight the recent advancements and generate an integrative overview of this intricate network.

Dr. Mishra talked about the innovative multidisciplinary bioengineering approaches utilized in her laboratory to unravel the intricacies of the proteostasis network. She also highlighted how the tools developed in her laboratory can help effectively rewire cellular degradation pathways.

She was also accompanied by Ms. Amrita Padhy, a PMRF student in her laboratory who presented a poster on her PhD project at the same event. Dr. Mishra and Ms. Padhy extend their gratitude to the Institute of Eminence (IoE), University of Hyderabad, Ministry of Education, GoI and UGC.