There was a time where people were scared to go for counseling or that people will know about their going for Counseling; but in contemporary times taking counseling has become normal and quite common said Dr. B. Hymavathi, Counselor, UoH and Psychologist in the awareness programme organized at University of Hyderabad on 22.02.2019 for the students of Telugu Department. The programme was presided by the Head of Telugu Department, Prof. Aruna Kumari.


Dr Hymavathi analyzed the factors behind the psychological problems and conflicts among the students and indicated the ways of finding appropriate solutions. Physical problems are visible externally, but Psychological problems cannot be easily visible. Hence, she said, at different stages of psychological problems, psychological Counseling can help the student to seek solutions for himself or herself and life can be normal. Dy. DSW, renowned Psychologist and faculty at University of Hyderabad Dr. G. Padmaja opened the programme with her remarks about how a Psychological problem may appear trivial but if not identified quickly may have the harm of turning big. She urged the students that seeking counseling from trained professionals will help in early resolution of problem before they turn beyond control. Dy. DSW and Professor of Telugu department, Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao in his remarks mentioned that need for counseling in Universities and higher education centers has been strongly recommended by several committees. As a result, University of Hyderabad has appointed two Psychological Counselors. Their services are being useful to help the students who suffer due to psychological issues to deal with their problems.

Prof. G. Aruna Kumari, Head, Department of Telugu in her address to the students said that some students may not express their problems explicitly. If they discuss their problems and the problems of their friends with professionals, support can be obtained in the direction of solutions. With this as the intention, she said that the present awareness programme has been organized. Mr. M. Subhash, Psychological Counselor, UoH, said that many students have physical and financial factors as the basis of their psychological problems and they undergo conflicts as they cannot discuss them openly. As a result of these, they undergo severe stress, distress and disappointment he said. Dr. Bhujanga Reddy, Faculty, Telugu Department remarked that many students also get into psychological problems because of owing up issues which are actually not their own, and due to external factors such as serials and some games which may influence them.

In this Sensitization programme organized to create awareness among students towards psychological problems and how to seek solutions, there was a healthy interaction and discussion between Professional Psychologists, Faculty and students, and several problems and issues were discussed with enthusiasm.