To promote scientific curiosity and learning among village students and create awareness about climate change and sustainability among farmers, the Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS), School of Physics, University of Hyderabad hosted an engaging outreach program focused on rocketry and sustainable development on 22nd February 2024 in ZPH School, Rangapur, Manchal Mandal near Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad. The event, which saw enthusiastic participation from farmers, teachers, students, and community members alike, was hailed as a resounding success.

In a bid to foster greater awareness and understanding of pressing environmental issues, the faculty of CEOAS, Dr. Kishore Kumar Grandhi, Dr. Dandi Ramu and Dr. Aliba Ao along with the master & Ph.D students and research staff, presented posters on waste management, climate change impacts on health, agriculture, extreme event preparedness etc. It served as an enlightening platform for discussing sustainable solutions to global challenges. Resource persons Dr. Shefali Tandon from the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Mr. Ashok from IMD and Dr. Chenna Reddy from Osmania University also take part in this journey.

Dr. Shefali Tandon, with her students, talked about India’s achievements in space research and its space missions and demonstration of water rockets. Students were thrilled to participate in assembling and launching water rockets, gaining firsthand experience in concepts such as thrust, drag, and aerodynamics. Other resource persons joined the outreach program and shared their knowledge about climate change and sustainability with the villagers and students. Painting and essay writing competitions were also organised for the students on the topic of climate change, save water; save trees; renewable energy, etc. Many students eagerly participated, and prizes were distributed.

As the outreach program concluded, organizers expressed gratitude to the volunteers, school staff, and community members who contributed to its success. Plans are already underway for future initiatives to nurture the spirit of inquiry and discovery among village students, ensuring that education continues to be a source of empowerment and inspiration in the community. Dr Kishore Kumar Grandhi has coordinated the public outreach program and public engagement with funding support from the Institute of Eminence (IoE), University of Hyderabad.