The University of Colorado at Denver of USA is organising an international conference on Public Policy Process and Research from 12th to 14th January 2023 at its campus. About 200 delegates across the world will be gathering and making presentations on Public Policy from the Theoretical models and empirical experiences of various countries.

                                                                    Prof. E Venkatesu



In this prestigious conference, Professor E. Venkatesu, Department of Political Science, University of Hyderabad, will be making a presentation on “Public Policy Making and Process in Post-independent India – A Retrospective Analysis of 75 years’ experience”. The paper broadly covers the nature and character of public policy in India, its historical process, and its contemporary relevance.


Prof. Christopher Weible and Prof. Jenkin Smith, the theoreticians of the advocacy coalition framework, have shown particular interest to make a presentation about the post-colonial experience, such as India, at the conference. Participating in the conference would be a rich experience from an academic point of view to enrich the knowledge and literature on Public Policy in India.