The QFI foundation based in Chennai has started a quiz league for school and college students and weighing their performance in the national average. The students of CIS were delegated the responsibility to conduct the quiz on behalf of QFI and Shape your Thought club. This quiz league is a fortnightly event culminating on Saturday. Under the banner of Shape your thought 3rd year IMA students conducted the quiz in a great fashion that people were racking their brains for answers.

Vighnesh P of IMA History 3rd year was the proctor and the Quiz master of the event with the support from his classmates and beyond. As part of the first event of QFI in Hyderabad, the first prize of this quiz went to Mr Aravind S Kumar of MA Political Science closely followed by Mr Zaman S Khan from IMA Political Science and again closely followed by Ms Sarah Geo of IMSc Chemistry.

Almost 15 people from various disciplines participated in this much anticipated event held for the first time in the university of Hyderabad with the help of QFI Foundation Chennai.