“Reading for our Times” is a podcast by Prof. Usha Raman, faculty in the Department of Communication, S N School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. Launched two months ago, this podcast celebrates books and reading and the power of the written word–spoken out loud”. So far there have been 12 episodes and three additional ones for children, and a few more will come up before ending the first season. One of the episodes has been curated by Shreya Subramanyam student of the Department of Fine Arts (Art History) along with her friends Anusha Vikram, Art History, Shweta Priya Dehury, Art History and Krishna Trivedi, Department of Philosophy.

Prof. Usha Raman

The link to the podcast page on Anchor is https://anchor.fm/usha-raman

It is also available on other podcast platforms, including Google podcasts, Spotify, Apple podcasts, etc.