A new Handbook titled “Routledge Handbook of Asian Diaspora and Development” was published by Routledge, A Taylor & Francis Publication, London. The Handbook was edited by Dr. Ajaya K. Sahoo of the Centre for Study of Indian Diaspora, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad. The Handbook explores the role that the diasporic and transnational communities play in the development of their host countries and their homeland. Presenting cutting-edge research on several dimensions of diaspora and development the handbook provides a platform for further discussion in the fields of migration studies, diaspora studies, transnational studies, and Asian studies.

For further details: https://www.routledge.com/Routledge-Handbook-of-Asian-Diaspora-and-Development/Sahoo/p/book/9780367371272#

Dr. Ajaya K Sahoo

From cultural shifts to the impacts of remittances for places of origin, this volume covers a wide range of key topics in the study of diasporas and development in Asia. Moving between detailed case-studies and large-scale analyses, it offers a rich and expansive perspective on Asian societies and diasporas.

– Nazli Kibria, Professor of Sociology, Boston University, USA

This important volume brings together expert analysis of the complex relationship between diasporas and development in Asia. The diverse chapter address key issues including investment and remittances, philanthropy, socio-cultural change, legal rights, knowledge transfer as well as international and regional politics. Drawing on different theoretical traditions and historical perspectives, the contributions together provide an essential overview of a key process of change in Asia and beyond that will shape the 21stCentury.

– Christopher McDowell, Assistant Vice President, City, University of London, UK