The Counselling unit of the office of Dean Students` Welfare (DSW) organized an online panel discussion titled Safety and service during the second wave of COVID-19: The medical, psychological and social perspectives, on 21st May, 2021 between 4pm to 5:30pm. An online invites to attend the panel discussion was sent to the student community and faculty fraternity (Teaching and non- Teaching) in advance by posting the same on the University website, through gapps mails to all users, and on social media. To facilitate several people attending the discussion, Facebook live stream link was shared with all.The following were the experts who participated and the topics of discussion.

  1. Ashish Chauhan – Apollo Hospitals: Myths and Realities about the second wave of COVID and the Care.
  2. Daljit Kaur – Psychiatrist, Psycho social issues during the current contexts, and the care.
  3. Sri P. Ram Murthy – General Secretary SevaBharati State division, Service during current contexts, a social perspective.

The programme started with Dr. G. Padmaja, Dy. DSW welcoming the panelists, and her opening remarks on the second wave of COVID-19 and the topic for discussion for the day.

The discussion started with the presentation by Dr. Ashish Chauhan, a medical professional who is a frontline medical professional, treating patients with COVID as a Physician and diabetician, as well as through his multiple activities pertaining to social service. He explained the medical perspective as well as care to be taken. He elaborated about the new strain where he urged all to be conscious of certain factors by using the acronym of COVID to alert the audience on various measures of safety to be followed.

C- Crowded places need to be avoided- People need to maintain 6feet distance from one another and wear a Double mask.

O- Seek Online Consultation

V- Vaccinate yourself

I-   Insurance

D- Diet, Dehydration, Diabetes, Devices, and don’t panic

The next speaker was Dr. DaljeetKaur, who is a Psychiatrist and she presented the Psychological perspective. Dr. B. Hymavthi, psychological counselor introduced Dr. Daljeeth Kaur, a United Kingdom (UK) trained consultant psychiatrist, also proficient in mental health training and teaching medical students, who initiated several projects and wellness modules. Dr. Daljeet Kaur spoke about aspects like fear, isolation, gadgets and addiction, peer support groups at university level, eating disorders, sleep issues and loneliness that may affect students during COVID and isolation.

The social perspective was presented by Sri P. Rammurthy, the General Secretory, Seva Bharathi state division. Mr. B. Subhash, Psychological counselor introduced Dr. Ram Murthy Prabhala, who is a is software professional by profession and is an an eminent social worker by his commitment to social causes and service.

Sri P. Ram Murthy, briefly presented an overview of the social conditions and the needs of several people in a helpless stateduring COVID second wave. He mentioned the various aspects of social and community service that is being extended in the current context, through Seva  Bharati, like providing beds, oxygen concentrators, food, medical kits, self-test kits, as part of Seva Bharati across India  especially in the “Bastis” and colonies that actually need the supplies.

The presentations were followed by the question and answer session where the students put forward their concerns and the speakers patiently gladly answered all their queries.

Dr. Santosh Kannade, Dy. DSW proposed the vote of thanks and concluded the panel discussion.