Message 4 from Office of DSW

We are all caught up in a situation which was unprecedented and fearsome. Every moment seems to add some horrendous news. Several messages from unfiltered sources keep flooding into our tiny instruments and our systems of communication carrying unreliable information causing worry and stress to many. As a result already troubled minds move into further apprehensions and negative states of mind. With a word of caution once again about checking with the trustworthiness of messages, the Counselling unit, O/o DSW shares a few points from psycho-social perspective. These points are shared with an intention of helping the students remain positive during this crisis period.

  • Having basic level of fear, anxiety and stress related to COVID 19 is not uncommon. Only if they cross boundaries, you need to bother about it. If it crosses the limits, understand that you need help from health team professionals in terms of not only physical health, but also psycho-social support.
  • Social support helps. Communicate with others. Have mutual interaction if near and dear are available in your place of residence, phone and virtual communication if away.
  • If you do not perceive any social support look into self to see why you are unable to perceive any support. Reorient your ways of thinking to expand your orbit to receive and also more importantly perceive that support. 
  • Sharing enables you to perceive the caring you may be receiving even in most subtle forms.
  • Trust authentic sources of information from reliable sources and not rumors or baseless spread of information that causes fears, helplessness and uncertainty.
  • Understand that nature has the power to cause pain but also the power to heal. If you are spiritually oriented believe in your faith for the almighty. If you are not spiritually oriented, trust the power of nature, human intellect, the capacity of scientific efforts and the capabilities of human.
  • Try focusing on the ways you, the people around you and the world dealt with problems. Recall the success stories.  
  1. In your own life, remember the times you stood firm and strong during times of crisis. Recall that it is this same you who handled it. Contexts may vary. But remind yourself that unless you use this capacity within you, no situation big or small would be handled. 
  2. Collectively the society and world is facing the crisis. You are not alone in this combat. Collective strength enables the world to stand strong.
  • Whenever the thought that you may catch the virus troubles you, bring the rational thoughts in you which remind you to take utmost care so that you don’t leave a chance to stay safe. Make sure you have taken all precautions, now confront the thought which says that you may succumb, and question its logic which creates fear in you.
  • Preventive care helps you to avoid getting into situations needing cure.
  • Even in a scenario where someone is tested positive for COVID 19, statistics clearly show that not all cases tested positive go into a worse condition. Early detection ensures early care and better cure. So consulting for the medical help at the nearest possible availability and at the earliest suspicion (based on the symptoms now widely people are aware of), enable immediate care. 
  • Think positive, stay positive. Get authentic information and pass only authentic information from reliable sources and from those who are authorized to provide information.
  • Identify the methods you have successfully used to stay calm and balanced. Bring the practically applicable ones to present times to help you.
  • Spread your positive thinking to others. If negative communication has the capacity to influence people, positive communication can also influence them. Use your strengths to communicate with reachable logic suiting their capacities and appeal to their rational thinking. Try to be that positive source to energize people around you to channelize their thoughts from helplessness, fear and irrational thinking towards belief in capabilities of  self, rational and practical thinking.
  • To the best extent possible eat nutritiously, exercise, interact with near and dear, design new routines, sources of happiness and relaxation, stay positive and keep the environment around you positive

For any need of Psycho-social support, our University Psychological Counselors are available to you for tele-counseling on the following numbers:

Dr Hymavathi – 9515667087

Mr Subhash –    8008477643

Stay Safe!