Eliciton Innovation Pvt. Ltd., a start-up incubated at ASPIRE BioNEST of University of Hyderabad, has tied up with a US based company to develop low-cost cancer diagnostic kit to detect the breast cancer. The start-up has already specialized in producing microbial-based nutritional supplements with enhanced health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The firm also has expanded portfolio of human and animal diagnostics and planning to establish a diagnostic manufacturing facility at Medical Devices Park of Hyderabad. In a strategic move to advance this new venture, the company has partnered with the US-based Vivi Biologics, founded by Dr. Kiran Velpula, an acclaimed cancer researcher and a respected Peoria City Council member to validate and commercialize early cancer diagnostics. Dr. Velpula, an alumnus of University of Hyderabad from School of Life Sciences, is a Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and head of the Velpula Neuro-Oncology Lab, is pioneering in cancer research focusing on new treatments and early diagnostic tools.

The collaboration between Eliciton Innovation and Vivi Biologics was formalized through an MoU, emphasizing their joint mission to develop early cancer detection technologies that are both cost-effective and accessible. Cancer, a major global health challenge, necessitates innovations that can enhance early detection to improve patient outcomes and reduce treatment burdens. The primary goal of their partnership is to create novel diagnostic tools that can detect cancer at its earliest stages, facilitating timely and effective interventions. To this end, a new entity named VIVIGEN Bio Labs has been established and incubated at ASPIRE-BioNEST. This collaborative effort aims to democratize cancer diagnostics and significantly improve global health outcomes in oncology through innovative solutions.