An induction programme in line with the recent guidelines issued by UGC has been organized by office of Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) during 22-23 July, 2019 at Savitribai Phule DST Auditorium, University of Hyderabad (UoH) for the students who have freshly taken admission into Integrated Masters Programs and Master level programs at UoH. The programme was co-sponsored by State Bank of India, Hyderabad University Campus and KAIRI Ashraya Foundation.

The programme commenced with offering condolences and observing silence at the sad demise of Ms Deepika Mohapatra, a PhD research scholar at Department of Hindi.  

The session on first day (22.07.19) included the following:

  • Introductory session;
  • Motivational session titled ‘A new journey ahead’;
  • Information session titled ‘Academics and Life at UoH’; and
  • Interaction session titled ‘Know your University’.

In the Introductory session, Vice Chancellor Prof. Appa Rao Podile gave a brief address and congratulated the students who secured seats in UoH, which is one of the best Universities of the Country having NIRF rank 4. He urged the students to constructively utilize the resources available in the University. He assured that teaching and non-teaching staff of the University will extend complete co-operation and support necessary for the students. He pointed to the diversity from several angles yet the oneness and unity in the University. Pro Vice Chancellor – 2 Prof. B. Rajashekar, said not only the cultural diversity which is understood and absorbed, there is also diversity in terms of courses a student can choose under choice based credit system. Thus, if science students want to do some course from Social Sciences or Humanities, they can do so and vice versa. Chief Warden Prof. Vasuki Belavadi in his address to the students explained how online system is being used in allotment of rooms in the campus in a quick and transparent manner. Director of College of Integrated Studies, Prof. Sanjay Subodh explained how for an entry level student CIS facilitates smooth and comfortable environment of education. Controller of Examinations Mr. Devesh Nigam explained to the students about the functioning of the examination systems. Dean Students’ Welfare Prof. Debashis Acharya introduced to the students various facilities like Health Insurance, provision of remedial coaching, and several activities which are supervised by office of DSW where students actively can participate. He also informed them about the Counseling Unit which actively conducts awareness and sensitization activities and availability of professional Psychological Counselors.  Deputy Dean, Students’ Welfare Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao and Dr. G. Padmaja also provided their inputs in the session.

The motivational session titled ‘A Journey Ahead’ began with Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar, IPS, Secretary, TSSWGEI who addressed the students. He talked about how vulnerable the stage of student life may be, how easily a student can be attracted into several weaknesses, but how with a strength of will, feeling of self responsibility, choice of good friends and positive attitude, and clarity in goal set for oneself, one can overcome them and emerge stronger. His inspirational speech rendered the audience spell bound. This was followed by a power point presentation by Meghana Rao M, Teach India fellow and former president of Street Cause, an NGO working on social sector issues. She narrated how even as a student she connected with the needy in the community, worked towards gathering necessary support, and provided help to those who required it. Being young does not prevent one from thinking about social cause and working towards it, she said and urged the students to help community. As a peer example, she enthralled the audience with her narrative and pictures of her journey in Social service. Mr. Chittaranjan Tripathy noted film personality, writer and actor, and an alumni of UoH, mesmerized the audience with his interesting portrayal of his own journey breaking the barriers of expectations and emerging successful in a field beyond imagination. His melodious songs, energetic and inspiring narration were received by students with cheer and applause. His message to the students to think out of the box and believe in self worth were received by students with great appreciation.

The post lunch session was an Information sharing session   titled ‘Academics and Life at UoH’. The session began with the address of Prof. T.P. Radhakrishnan, Dean, School of Chemistry explaining to the students the framework of courses, opportunities and the arena of the field chosen by them. Prof. Venkat Rao, Dean, School of Social Sciences gave a panoramic view of how difficult departments which come under School of Social Sciences function. Prof. Vinod Pavarala from S.N. School presented not only a picture of S.N. School but also the whole University and various facts of a life of a student in the University. Prof. Sarat Jyotsna Rani, Dean, School of Humanities joined the panel of discussion. All the Professors addressed the queries posed by the students. The Panel discussion was coordinated by Deputy DSWs Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao and Dr. G. Padmaja.

 The last session of the day was an Interactive session. This session involved interaction of several key administrative and controlling officers in the University with the new students. Deputy DSW, Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao explained about the activities of Office of DSW and Alumni Unit. Deputy DSW Dr. G. Padmaja portrayed the functioning of Counselling Unit through its various awareness and sensitization activities to the students and faculty. She also presented a picture of the number of cases handled in one year by Psychological Counselors and the cases where crisis intervention was successfully done. She highlighted upon how the stigma against seeking Psychological help is being dispelled slowly. She elaborated on how students are benefitting out of the multilevel help and support offered by University through Faculty mentors, Professional Psychological Counselors, Senior students who come forward to act as Trusted friends as well as peer support and support from Teaching & non teaching staff.

Prof. Sarat Jyotsna Rahi, Dean, School of Humanities and Anti-Discrimination Officer, spoke both as Dean as well as Anti-Discrimination Officer. She threw light upon the facilities available to help the students. She urged the students to believe in humanitarian values and function in unity.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rajasree spoke about the facilities available in Health Centre and services offered. Director of Physical Education & Sports, Dr. Rajasekhar urged the students to maintain the wellness of mind and body. He introduced them to the facilities available for physical fitness, sports and yoga. Representative of ICC talked about the issues where help may be sought. She enlightened them about various forms of sexual harassment and how they may approach ICC. Chief Librarian Dr. Ravi urged the students to utilize the services of one of the best libraries available to them at UoH.  He explained the process involved in using the library facilities and cautions to be followed. Coordinators of the Remedial Coaching of UGC – JRF/NET Coaching, Spoken English and Grammar, and Entry into Services, Dr. Rani Ratna Prabha, Dr. Jyothi Hymavathi and Dr. B Krishnaiah respectively addressed the students and explained the procedures and facilities available. Chairman of Placement and Guidance and Advisory Board (PGAB) Prof. Rajiv Wanker addressed the students and presented the picture of placements in the University. The Student Health Insurance scheme was explained in detail by the representatives of M/s. Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd.

After a brief further interaction the session ended.

The first day Induction programme thus introduced the students to the various facilities, support systems and co-operation to the student from the University. They were also subsequently cautioned about taking self care in terms of health aspects and boundaries and non-entry zones.

 The session ended with the announcement of cultural programme as a continuation of Induction programme on second day i.e., 23.07.2019.

The cultural programme organized by DSW office and EK Bharat Shreshta Bharat on second day (23.07.19), of the Induction programme was titled ‘Nritya sammelanam’ which symbolized the Integration of cultures from different states in Dance form. Sammelanam programme was a combination of Dance forms of Odishi titled ‘Nritya Archana’ by Shree Dance Academy, Bhubaneswar, Odisha led by Ms. Namita Ray and a thematic dance presentation titled ‘Alambana’ in Kuchipudi form by Department of Dance, S N School, UoH, led by Prof. Aruna Bhikshu. Both the energy packed dances had the students receive them with cheer and roaring applause. The cultural programme was compered by Ms. Niyantrika from Dept. of Dance, SN School. Dean, Student’s Welfare Prof. Debashis Acharya introduced the Odishi Dance theme and group. Deputy DSW Dr. G. Padmaja put the two day programme together to showcase to the students the sequence of induction cultivating into the integration into the University systems, variety perceived and felt around, and the cultural diversity. She urged that a synthesis of systematic help along with a strong will to reach the goal and succeed by remaining strong, would help students emerge with flying colours.

Honorable Vice Chancellor in his address to the students after the cultural programmes, indicated how campus life can be enjoyed with pleasure, by minimizing pressures from internal and external sources through integration of diversity into self as a part of development. He applauded the message given by the dance performances. While appreciating the Odishi dance performance, he narrated a poem from Telugu literature which described the psychological state of the mythological character illustrated effectively in the dance. He highlighted several aspects of the theme dance Alambana which each student empathizes with. He praised the efforts of team leaders of both the dance performances along with their group members, and congratulated them for coming up with such fabulous themes and presentation   

The team leaders of both the dance teams were felicitated by Prof. Appa Rao Podile and Mrs. Appa Rao. Participants of the dance teams and volunteers were also honored by Sri Y.V. Krishna Rao, Internal Audit Officer and F.O i/C & Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna Rao, All India Radio, Hyderabad, Prof. Debashis Acharya, DSW and Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao and Dr. G. Padmaja Dy. DSWs.

The programme ended with vote of thanks by Dean, Students’ Welfare.

From the Office of DSW thus Induction programme has been concluded to continue further in each individual centre/ Department/ School respectively.