The Junior Science Club, University of Hyderabad organized a lecture by Prof. K. Ashok, a distinguished faculty member of the University Centre for Earth and Space Sciences, UoH, on the topic ‘Studying and Predicting Weather and Climate – The Numerical Approach. The lecture was held on 23rd March, 2018 at the College of Integrated Studies (CIS).

Prof. Ashok, began the lecture with familiar concepts of climate while connecting it to well-known equations of motion and laws of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. He introduced the idea of ‘Modelling’, emphasizing on how it can be used to study the earth and atmosphere by giving a simple analogy of boiling water in a kettle and all the factors that can affect it. Further explaining the concept, he said, “The most important principle of modelling is ‘garbage in, garbage out’.
He highlighted the issue of climate change by explaining how the earth had been in a steady state condition with a good balance of incoming and outgoing radiation until recently, there have been many changes due to anthropogenic factors.

He further elaborated on the methodology of numerical weather and climate prediction, starting with the history of the technology, conceptual and technological issues, challenges and progress made.

Motivating the students of various fields to take up research in the upcoming areas of the subject, he said, “The sky is the limit”.

About Junior Science Clube – The Junior Science Club which is affiliated to the Indian Physics Association, aims at promoting and developing scientific temper among the university community. The club frequently organizes events within the university on topics related to science and technology.

-Monika Tiwari , Department of Communication