Prof. Sita Vanka and Ms. Swati Singh of the School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad along with her research group, has edited a book entitled “Sustainable Human Resource Management- Transforming Organizations, Societies and Environment” published by Springer Nature, Singapore.

Prof. Sita Vanka

Prof. Sita Vanka is Professor at the School of Management Studies. Ms. Swati Singh is Senior Research fellow at the School of Management Studies and pursuing PhD. under the supervision of Prof. Vanka.

Ms. Swati Singh

The book is a compendium of articles and literature to the professionals, scholars and researchers on issues relating to Sustainable HRM. More specifically, it includes the views of the experts from a multi-stakeholder viz., policymakers, managers and academics, and a cross country perspective on Sustainable HRM. The theme is contemporary and includes issues, perspectives, approaches, research studies/frameworks and emerging patterns relating to sustainable HRM and sustainable HR practices in a lucid way.

Multiple dimensions connected to sustainability such as making HR more responsible focusing on the triple bottom line, characteristics, psychological contract, emotional intelligence, psychological capital, organizational citizenship behaviour, employment relations, employee engagement, sustainable leadership, disruptive HR practices, sustaining employee motivation, educational sustainability, sustainable career management, sustainable environment, employer and employee branding, sustainable organizations, organization culture, training for sustainability, sustainable employee performance, business sustainability and sustainable employability, as emerging areas in Sustainable HRM, which deserve focus for wider dissemination and discussion, comprise the content of the book.