Faiza Hassan of Fine Arts at UoH documents her work inspired by socio-political factors

A documentary video “The Voice – Art Profile” by Ms. Faiza Hassan throws light on the nature of work and certain socio-political factors that have inspired her to do art. Faiza has been a student of the Fine Arts Department of the University of Hyderabad (UoH). A collection of her works was exhibited recently at the University as part of a larger exhibition by the final year students of the Fine Arts department. Some of her work in the exhibition included Burqa of secularism, Made in Bharat, Izzat, Dear Old Love, Voices etc.


Faiza says, “I aspire to be a full-time practicing artist. But more importantly, I hope that I am able to create meaningful art- art that might make a difference.” “A water-colourist at heart, I was in a dilemma when I developed an interest in embroidery in the course of my Master’s program here at the University of Hyderabad. It seemed so natural then to combine the two mediums and what resulted was a body of works of embroidered water-colours and embroidered fabrics of domestic use that mean to resonate the theme of violence against women. It was so essential for me that the mediums and techniques employed were also those that are frequently and stereotypically associated with women , she adds”.

The video “The Voice – Art Profile” can be found on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QaY1qfoHXw.

Faiza Hassan can be contacted on email: faizahasan305@gmail.com

– Through inputs from Mr. Shawn Sebastian