Nischaya Civil Service Society (NCSS) recently had the honor of hosting Ms. Madhavi Sodisetty (IRS) as part of their Topper’s Talk series on March 11, 2023. The talk took place at the SLS Seminar Hall.

Ms. Madhavi Sodisetty is an alumna of the School of Economics, UOH, 2014 Batch, and her presence was indeed a moment of pride for Nischaya. She generously shared her journey towards preparing for the civil services exam with the aspiring students of the campus.

The co-founders of Nischaya Civil Service Society, Abhigyan Ranjan and Abhidha Anil, welcomed Madhavi to the stage. As a former student of the university, Ms. Sodisetty had much to share about campus life and the activities she had engaged in that had moulded her into a public diplomat. The talk was attended by almost 200 students, who were eager to learn from her experience.

During the session, she discussed the structure of the civil services examination, the basic materials that must be read, choosing the optional paper, coaching for UPSC preparation, and guidelines for the personality test. She provided detailed explanations and answered almost all the queries raised in the talk. Furthermore, she was kind enough to extend her helping hand to those aspirants who had taken Economics as their optional paper, and gave a brief description of her preparation strategy.

The session was inspiring, and she constantly reminded the aspiring students that there is no right or wrong strategy in the UPSC preparation journey. She also advised them not to be overwhelmed by the information available on various online sites. Her words tremendously boosted the confidence level of the aspiring students.

Apart from doubts regarding cracking the civil services examination, she also gave satisfactory answers to the concerns and worries raised by the PG and PhD students about choosing civil services as a career option. Nischaya Civil Service Society (NCSS) is grateful to Ms. Madhavi Sodisetty, on behalf of the entire University, for bringing such a whole package of wisdom, humility, and generosity to the campus.

The session ended with Mr. Abhigyan Ranjan (co-founder of NCSS) proposing the Vote of Thanks. Ms. Sodisetty’s talk was truly an enriching experience for all the students who attended, and it will undoubtedly inspire them to pursue their dreams with renewed vigor and determination.

The Nischaya Civil Services Society (NCSS) extends its humble gratitude to Dr. BV Sharma (CIS director) and Dr. Nagaraju (Dean Students’ Welfare) for their continuous guidance and logistical support in the smooth conduct of the event.