Dr. J.Bheemaiah,  Associate Professor at the  Centre for Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad has edited a volume titled “Tribal Development, Culture, Fiction” on contemporary socio-cultural life of the Indian tribes. The volume is published by Yking Books, Jaipur, India.

About the Volume

This volume is a treasury of research articles contributed by scholars from various places of India with a main focus on contemporary socio-cultural life of Indian tribes and their contribution to the foundation of human civilisation. The volume is also basically concerned with tribal ethos, day-today hardships, afflictions and their interaction with Nature. A considerable emphasis has been laid on tribes like Yanadi, Siddi, Santali and Korku given their wide concentration across India. Tribal dwellings located in forests away from the mainstream societies would define their unique culture and traditions. The book significantly looks into the component of emerging tribal scripts for learning in their tongue. The volume makes an in-depth study over policies of the governments evolving special schemes for the benefit of tribal children across the country. N. Sudhakar Rao, a former Professor of Anthropology, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, has written the ‘Foreword’ for this volume. Besides this, he has also contributed a research article on Sriharikota Yanadi of Andhra Pradesh. Research scholars, university teachers and other intellectual communities would benefit from reading this volume.

Dr. J.Bheemaiah

About the Editor

J.Bheemaiah, Associate Professor, teaches Comparative Literature at the Centre for Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad. He has published five books and two English translations of Telugu poetry. To his credit, a number of research articles have been published both in reputed journals and edited volumes on the issues of the marginalised people. He Coordinated a UGC Remedial English Programme for SC, ST, OBC and Minority Students. This apart, he has served both as Warden and Deputy Chief Warden in the university. This apart, he has also served as a member of the Academic Council of the University of Hyderabad. He has successfully completed ICSSR research project, New Delhi.