A two-day summer camp for children was organized in the University Campus on 10th & 11th May, 2018. The idea was initiated and executed by Dr. (Capt.) Ravindra Kumar, CMO. The camp was attended by 9-10 children. It was coordinated by Ms. Aarushi Kulkarni and Ms. Sahitya Gyanmote.

On the first day, the children learnt how to handle emergencies and how to give first-aid when needed. They also had a close look at the Ambulance services. Children were told about hygiene and nutrition by Dr. Anupama T. Row, CMO.

She also emphasized that children should give up junk food and instead prefer home-cooked, healthy food. Children prepared some healthy salads and sandwiches and relished them too. Later, a poster making competition was also organized on the topic ‘Swachha Bharat’.

On the second day, the kids went on a nature trail which included trekking and cycling.