In continuation of its activities under the recently signed MoU with EMRI-Green Health Services; popularly called 108; the University of Hyderabad (UoH) through the School of Medical Sciences organised a 2-Day “training the trainer” program on 1st and 2nd September 2023.

The purpose of the training was to equip university stakeholders especially students, scholars and interested faculty in the first aid response and management in times of health emergencies as well as equip them with knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop them as trainers to build the capacity in other university larger stakeholder groups.

The training was organised over 2 days with day 1 in the UoH campus at CIS and day 2 with a visit to the EMRI-GHS facility complex at Medchal for hands-on practice as well as training to become trainers as First Responder and provide first aid.

43 university stakeholders comprising almost all schools and centres attended the training and were further certified as first responders.

The first day of training in the campus provided learners the opportunity to know and learn how to be the first responders for common medical, trauma and environmental emergencies. It was followed by an elaborate practical Skill Impartment and Evaluation of the same by the trainers from EMRI. Common myths and misconceptions and ways of bursting the same were also conveyed to all learners.

On the second day, the learners were given tasks to make presentations as trainers and evaluated on the same by the master trainers and instructors at EMRI and each one of the participants made a 5-minute presentation in the group and were provided comments to help them become trainers in the campus.

Prof. Geeta K. Vemuganti, Dean, School of Medical Sciences lauded the team and motivated them to also help in the running of the interdisciplinary 3-credit course at CIS for the students in “Basic Emergency Care Skills”. Supported by the Universities IoE initiative, necessary equipment and needed mannequins for simulation will be organised very soon in the facility, it was conveyed.

Dr. G.V. Ramana Rao, Director, EMRI-GHS was very enthused about the partnership and said this was the first time an academic institution of higher education has really made a significant effort to demonstrate its social responsibility and citizen engagement.

Dr. Raveen, Dr. Javed, Mr. Anand Kumar, Dr. Sathish, Dr. Anusha and others provided the training from the EMRI side.

The participants, while being very pleased with the training and their wholehearted participation vowed that they will act as first responders to the hostels and campus inhabitants in the future.