Prof. Appa Rao Podile , Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad (UoH) hoisted the National Flag on the 72nd Independence Day at the Gurubaksh Singh Maidan in the University Campus in the presence of Shri P. Sardar Singh, Registrar, Deans, Heads, faculty, Officers, students and staff.


On this occasion, Vice- Chancellor Prof. Podile congratulated the university fraternity and said, “Let us pay tributes to our freedom fighters and our leaders, who secured this independence for us. Similarly, let us also pay our regards to Prof. GB Singh (founding Vice-Chancellor) and the subsequent Vice-Chancellors, who have established a system that allowed us to grow enviously faster than several other institutions that were started around the same time in India and abroad. Our University has been again placed in the top 100 in the world, with its achievements, in the first 50 years. It is a matter of great pride for us. However, it is an enviable situation for the other institutions set up in the past 50 years that are competing with us for such recognition”. “There should be no room for complacency with such distinctions conferred on us. We rather need to further consolidate and should put in efforts to give one push from here to match with the best of the institutions in India and abroad”, he added.

“We must take pride that the University Grants Commission (UGC) has granted our University greater autonomy in academic, administrative, and financial matters. We are one of only two Central Universities given this recognition and status at the highest level of Category 1 educational institutions. This greater autonomy comes with the weight of responsibilities and expectations”, said Prof. Podile. “There are challenges ahead, including mobilizing resources, offering competitive postgraduate and research programmes, and attracting the best academic talent, while not losing sight of the public university’s social responsibilities and commitment to social justice and equity. We will soon initiate a multi-layered dialogue within the University and evolve mechanisms to translate this newly granted autonomy into our quest for global recognition”, he exuded.

The Vice-Chancellor further said, “We should be proud that our University is regarded as lung space for our neighbourhood. The University has initiated several steps to rapidly transform our campus to a “GREEN CAMPUS”. Some of the initiatives are:

· Harvesting 1 Mw (1000 Kw) solar energy using roof top panels

· Steps are taken towards recycling of solid wastes

· Setting up of Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) in a modular fashion and half of the work is completed

· Estimates are made to recycle waste water from STPs

· Increasing green cover through tree plantation

· Setting up phytotechnology-based waste water treatment

· Construction of public toilets is half way”

Prof. Podile called upon the University community to refrain from the use flexi banners or other kind of banners for display of official/unofficial activities in the campus. He also requested cooperation from all members of the family in attaining ‘GREEN CAMPUS’ status for the University.


The Vice-Chancellor called upon the students to be part of the NSS and involve themselves in the social initiatives. He also advised the senior scholars to have interactive sessions with the freshers to enable them to feel comfortable and be a part of this large family of ‘University of Hyderabad’.

Finally Prof. Podile called upon the students, faculty and staff to come up with intellectual ideas benefitting the University.


Some delightful and motivating dance performances based on Social Harmony and National Integration were performed by the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya UoH Campus and the University Campus School.

Later the Vice-Chancellor and other officials planted saplings near the entrance of the University.


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