1053 applications for 114 faculty positions

Record number of 840 applications for 41 positions of Assistant Professor

Recruitment to be completed by end of December 2016

The University of Hyderabad (UoH) is getting ready for faculty recruitment on a massive scale from November 1, 2016. 114 faculty positions in the categories of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor will be taken up for recruitment.

The University advertised these positions nationally and it received 1053 applications for the 114 positions. There are 30 positions for Professor, 43 positions for Associate Professor and 41 positions for Assistant Professor in various schools and departments of the University. Out of these positions 64 are under the reserved categories and the balance 50 are in the general category.

A large number of candidates with experience as post-docs in advanced institutions both in India and abroad have applied for these positions. Highest numbers of applications have been received for the Assistant Professor’s position at 840 followed by 170 for the Associate Professor’s position and 43 for the Professor’s position. The highest number of applications have been received for the Assistant Professor’s position in Plant Science (129 applications for 2 positions) followed by Management studies (82 applications for 2 positions), Physics (98 applications for 3 positions), Chemistry (167 applications for 7 positions), and Computer & Information Sciences (71 applications for 3 positions).

The interviews for these positions will commence from November 1, 2016 and the entire exercise is expected to be completed by end of December 2016. Filling up of these positions will strengthen the academic and research programmes of the University. Along with these interviews the UGC Career Advancement Scheme for the eligible internal faculty will be taken up for the stages 1 to 5. There are 556 sanctioned faculty positions at the UoH and at present there are only close to 400 faculty are on rolls.