Ms. Yogita Kapoor and Ms. Charu Jain gave Oral Presentations on “Nano Carbons for Cancer Therapeutics: A Review” and “Graphene for Cancer Diagnostics: A Brief Review” respectively at the 2nd International Conference of Nano Science & Engineering Applications – 2018 (ICONSEA 2018) held during 4-6 October 2018) in JNTU, Hyderabad.


Yogita Kapoor

Charu Jain

Charu Jain

Yogita and Charu are pursuing M.Sc. (Biochemistry) at the University and reviewed the research on the concerned subjects as part of assignments given during Foundation Course.

-Contributed by Dr.-Ing. V. V. S. S. Srikanth, Associate Professor, School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, University of Hyderabad