The team represented by seven students of the MCA II year of School of Computer & Information Sciences of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) were the Overall Champions in the recently concluded symposium LOGIN 2013. The event organized by the PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore was held on 14th and 15th of September 2013. 

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The students who participated in LOGIN 2013 from UoH are Ravi Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Anmol Jain, Anuj Kumar, Bubagra Jamatia, Rastra Pankaj and Anurag Singh.

While Rastra Pankaj was the winner in Igame; Anurag Singh was the winner in Hack(in). Ravi Kumar was the winner in Xpert while the team comprising of Anmol Jain, Rastra Pankaj and Anurag Singh were the winners in Dark Knight. Anmol Jain was the winner in Botwarz. In AlgoTructure,  Anmol Jain and Rastra Pankaj were the runner-up and UoH was the runner-up in Math Modelling. In all the team were winners in five events out of the seven that they participated and runner-ups in the balance two events.

The 23rd edition of LOGIN, a celebrated International Level Technical Symposium, is organized by the alliance of three associations, Computer Applications Association, Computational Sciences Association and Ramanujan Association of Mathematics that aspires to cope with the current socio-technological environment. Post-Graduate students from Universities and colleges across the country took part in this meet at Coimbatore.

The two day symposium was an amalgamation of events that refine, recognize and reward people with SPARK. LOGIN strives to create an environment conducive for students to interact with professionals from the industry in an effort to build a bridge between technology and the society and also thereby help bridge the gap between the academia and the industry.


UoH herald congratulates all the students who took part in LOGIN 2013 and brought laurels to the University.