National Conference on “Water Resources Management inaugurated at UoH


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The Centre for Earth & Space Science (UCESS), University Of Hyderabad (UoH) and Andhra Pradesh Geographical Society (APGEOS) is jointly organizing a National Conference on “Water Resources Management”. Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, Vice- Chancellor, UoH inaugurated the seminar on 29 November 2013 at the C R Rao AIMSCS, Auditorium in the presence of Shri T. Hanumantha Rao, Former Engineer-in-Chief of Irrigation Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh & UN Consultant; Dr. S.S.C. Shenoi, Director INCOIS and Dr. Soumya Iyer, President APGEOS. Prof. A C Narayana of UCESS at UoH who is coordinating this seminar gave the welcome.


Dr. Soumya Iyer while speaking about the objectives of the seminar said that water is infected with pathogens which if not treated affects the farm products and consumers. She also said that there is uneven water resource management in Hyderabad, hence there is a need to create awareness among the children, Students and Professionals.


Dr. Shenoi who was the Guest of Honour in his address said that he was happy to see many school students at the conference today and it is the right forum to enrich them on how precious water is for sustaining life on our planet. The daily requirement of water for a human being per day is 90 litres. Though we have enough water resources, it needs to be utilized judiciously he said. He added that a state like Goa gets almost 300cms of rainfall but the state uses only 2% of it. Hyderabad receives rainfall between 80-110cms but because of no proper utilization, we see water shortage during summer, Water is a natural resource and it has to be distributed equally to benefit all people he said, Australia manages water with only one river in the country, It is the responsibility of every individual to conserve Water and help in equitable distribution to all, Dr. Shenoi concluded.


Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy shared his experience with the children on his interaction with Bhrat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao while being interviewed during his student days at IIT Kanpur for M.Sc. Chemistry. He said Water Resource Management is a very important aspect for all of us and he encouraged the students to come up with innovative ideas to help conserve Water for our future generations.


Shri T. Hanumnatha Rao delivered the key-note address on Water Resource Planning where spoke on the need to plan for more Dams, Canals and Tanks in catchment areas. There is an urgent need to encourage and develop Tribal Irrigation. Tribals who are displaced due to construction of Dams must be given land near these places as they will further help in developing farm land and irrigation, he added. Shri Rao further stated that river navigation should be improved as it makes transport cheaper, has a wider reach and helps in employment generation.

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Dr. J S K Sastry, Secretary, APGEOS proposed a vote of thanks.