The School of Management Studies (MBA Healthcare and Hospital Management), University of Hyderabad organised a webinar on ‘Communication skills for healthcare Managers’ on 30th April 2022. Neha Hassija, Head of Communications, L V Prasad Eye Institute was invited to introduce the students to the nuances of healthcare communication.

The webinar commenced with the welcome note to the speaker by Prof. G.V.R.K. Acharyalu and Dr Ranjit Kumar Dehury followed by a brief introduction of the speaker. Prof Acharyalu started with opening remarks on the importance of communication skills in the field of healthcare. He also conveyed the regards of Prof. V Mary Jessica, Dean of School of Management Studies to the speaker.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership”, quoted Ms Hassija. In the webinar, she introduced the students to the practical aspects of communication based on her own insights and experience. She emphasised how important it is to be well versed with your subject knowledge to communicate effectively.

She introduced the students to the core elements of healthcare communication – trust, empathy, care, integrity and respect and discussed their pertinence in today’s world.

In this digital era, it’s important to be well-groomed not just physically but virtually too. We need to be conscious and mindful of our social media image too as whatever we talk creates an impression. She also pointed out how people are losing the basic courtesy to initiate communication and it’s high time we go back to the basics of communication to uphold the integrity and togetherness of mankind.

Quoting the example of Apple founder and CEO Late. Steve Jobs, she elucidated the techniques of communication and how effective communication can do wonders. She also stressed on the relevance of a positive attitude and humility in clear communication. We need to connect with people not cross their boundaries mentioned Ms. Hassija.

The webinar witnessed enthusiastic participation from various students from other departments too and concluded with a vote of thanks to the speaker.

Contributed by Hemlata Rawat, Department of Communication, UoH.