The Centre for Neural & Cognitive Sciences (CNCS) at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) is organizing a five-day workshop on “Cognitive Science in Education” from 5 – 9 May, 2014 at the Sir C V Raman Auditorium. The workshop sponsored by Rajya Shiksha Kendra of the Madhya Pradesh Government was inaugurated by Prof. E Haribabu, Pro VC, UoH on 5th May 2014.


Several Teacher Trainees from SCERT, Madhya Pradesh are attending this workshop which will focus on the implications of Cognitive and Neural Sciences for education and development and is intended to expose the teacher educators in new developments in Cognitive Science. The relevance of Cognitive Sciences for education and overall intellectual development is an emerging area of research. The workshop has several prominent speakers from the University and outside the University representing the domains of Neurosciences, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology, Teaching innovations. Apart from the teacher educators, the workshop is useful to persons wishing to understand how different areas of Cognitive Science can have direct and important implications on day-to-day learning and teaching. The workshop started on 5th May 2014 with lectures on Language Acquisition and Awareness by Dr. D Vasanta and an introduction to Cognitive Science by Dr. Bapi Raju, Professor, School of Computer & Information Sciences and Coordinator, Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences.


The five-day workshop will have lectures, discussions and also hands-on training as part of its everyday proceedings.


Dr. Ramesh Kumar Mishra, Associate Professor, CNCS is coordinating this workshop.