Participate in the Joy of Giving

 Today, we live in a society where compassion is a rare virtue. Relationships are increasingly transactional and atrocities are growing. In this atmosphere, it is even more imperative to be compassionate. And the easiest way to make this change is at home. Show that you care for those who take care of you.

We have seen many of our students of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) involved in activities that help the poor and downtrodden. There have also been many Blood Donation Camps the students have organized for the needy. Kartavya, a non- profit voluntary group of students organized at the national level endeavours to equip children of slums and villages with education and other facilities needed to lead an empowered life. It also has a unit at the UoH and these students help in educating the lesser privileged children. Project Akshara started by the students of the Young Economist School (YES) of the School of Economics, undertakes teaching the children in Government schools in Gopanpally village. The Project Akshara II is already in the pipeline and is being actively promoted by the School and its students.


We all must outline ideas as well as practical initiatives that each of us can undertake to help those who form part of our everyday lives, but are in many ways invisible. Given the busy lives we lead, all of us may not be able to reach out to the stranger in the street. But a journey of a thousand miles can begin with a single step. What about helping out those with whom our daily lives intersect – domestic help, office attendants, drivers, security guards, babysitters, gardeners and so on? Can we help them in opening bank accounts or enrolling for medical insurance, facilitate a good education for their children, assist them in pursuing a healthy lifestyle?

Our participation in the Joy of Giving should not be undertaken merely to raise resources, but should help us to change our attitudes towards others, whether less fortunate or otherwise. The empathy that we hope accompanies each act of giving is what will ultimately help transform us into better human beings. When this happens, the change will filter down to our children and through them, our society will change into a safe and humane one.

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