Dr. Pramod K Nayar, Professor in the Department of English, School of Humanities at University of Hyderabad (UoH) has two more books to his credit. The first one is The Postcolonial Studies Dictionary and the other one is Postcolonial Studies: An Anthology (edited).


The Postcolonial Studies Dictionary is a collection of over 150 definitions of key terms and concepts in postcolonial theory, where each entry includes the origins of the term (where traceable) a detailed explanation of its perceived meaning; and examples of the term’s use in literary-cultural texts. The Dictionary incorporates terms and concepts from multiple disciplines, including anthropology, literary studies, science, economics, globalization studies, politics, and philosophy.


Postcolonial Studies: An Anthology (edited) features 38 full-length essays, from both, recent voices in postcolonial theory to classic texts from Fanon, Spivak and others. The essays engages with contemporary concerns such as globalization, digital cultures, neo-colonialism, ecology, education and language debates, transnationalism and has a wide geographical coverage – from Ireland and India to Israel and Palestine.


Dr. Nayar teaches courses in Literary Theory, the English Romantics, Postcolonial Literatures and Cultural Studies. His interests lie in English colonial writings on India, Human Rights narratives and Cultural Studies, with a consistent publication record in these areas. Among his book-length publications are Frantz Fanon ; Posthumanism ; Colonial Voices: The Discourses of Empire ; Digital Cool ; Writing Wrongs: The Cultural Construction of Human Rights in India ; English Writing and India, 1600-1920: Colonizing Aesthetics ; Postcolonial Literature, among others. He is also the editor of the multivolume Women in Colonial India: Historical Documents and Sources, The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology andThe Penguin 1857 Reader. His work has appeared in Modern Fiction Studies, South Asian Review, Jl. of Postcolonial Writing, Jl. of Commonwealth Literature, Ariel,Changing English, Jl. of British Studies, Prose Studies, Studies in Travel Writing, Journeys, New Zealand Jl. of English Studies and other international journals.