An Interactive Session on “CREATIVE THINKING – Think out of the Box” by TEDx Speaker and Life Coach Dr. Virat Chirania was held on 24th January 2020 at the CR Rao AIMSCS Institute within the University of Hyderabad Campus.  He was welcomed by Prof. Atul Negi from School of Computer and Information Sciences (SCIS), University of Hyderabad. Dr. Virat is a popular speaker who connects well with young audiences.

Dr. Virat stressed on the importance of creative thinking in modern work places. He explained need of present-day employees to be perceptive and view life and work place from multiple perspectives. He explained that modern work places require employees to make snap judgements. Crucial decisions and analysis are the demands of work places these days. It creates huge stress and therefore requires future employees to understand importance of stress management. Under his expert guidance he demonstrated how simple it is to meditate and made the participants to experience a brief span of meditation. He explained the benefits of meditation for stress management and to how it leads to good clarity in thought process.

The event was well attended by Faculty, Research Scholars and students. Around 250 participants, largely students were present.

Prof. Atul Negi chaired the session and also addressed the students. He shared his experiences and explained the importance of rational thinking and meditation in daily life. Dr. Nagamani (SCIS, UoH), Dr. Janardhan Rao Chelli (Department of Communication, SN School, UoH) and Dr. Appala Naidu from CR Rao AIMSCS also graced the session.

The event was organized by a dynamic team of Research Scholars, M.Tech, Integrated M.Tech and MCA students of SCIS and CR RAO AIMSCS.  The key volunteers were Rohit Kumar Bondugula, Prateek Vikram, Manoj Kumar, Abdul Basit, Aditya Chowdhary, Shankar, Piyush, Ritika, Devina, Aakash. Also volunteers from Department of Communication Adithya and Bala Krishna students of Dr.Janardhan Rao, SN School assisted in providing video coverage of the event.

The organizers express their sincere gratitude to the Dean of School of Computer and Information Sciences, Prof. Chakravarthy Bhagvati and the Director of CR Rao AIMSCS, Prof. D. N. Reddy for their patronage in organizing the event.