The Department of Communication, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad (UoH) hosted Ms. S. Anuradha, the Deputy Editor (Asia) at IFR Asia, Thomson Reuters for a talk, “Media Ethics and Business Journalism”. Ms. Anuradha currently lives in Singapore and covers the South East Asian, South Asian and Frontier equity capital markets.

Walking the students through an introduction about Business Journalism, she talked about the various aspects of it and how reporting about each financial market requires a skill set of its own. Having joined the field in the prime time of Liberalization, in 1992, she has seen reporting of business news change drastically over more than the two decades.

Ms. Anuradha then went on to explain the sensitivity that journalists in this field are expected to have and ethical dilemmas that reporters constantly face on a day to day basis. She went on to mention some of these dilemmas that media organizations throughout the world face. “There are no clear black and white answers to it” she said, while explaining the possible solutions there could be.

She then took questions and encouraged the students to look at this field as a prospect when they chose their specializations. She assured that this field is not one where you need a degree in economics to write about the financial markets but a knack of understanding newsworthiness and aptitude for the subject is essential. She herself being a History student has been able to make a mark in the field.

Ms. S. Anuradha has previously worked with numerous organizations including Financial Express, Business Line, Dow Jones etc. and recently only released her debut novel ‘The Friendless God’.

Bhavana Murali
Department of Communication