Prof. M.J. Swamy of School of Chemistry is invited to the Editorial Board of the Journal “Glycoconjugate Journal”, the official journal of International Glycoconjugate Organization. Professor Swamy shall review articles every year that belong under his area of expertise.

Professor J.F.G Vilegenthat of Bijvoet Centern at Utrecht University, who is the Chief Editor of the journal, expressed his hope for the move to attract higher quality articles from India. They also seek to increase their visibility across the country with this step.

“I consider this to be as much a recognition to the School and the University as it is to me. I shall strive to make the Glycoconjugate Journal more popular and attractive to scientists working in India in related areas to publish their best work,” said Professor Swamy.

The School of Chemistry which has many feathers in its cap, and is famous across the country has fetched this international repute, putting University of Hyderabad in international academic circles.

Glycoconjugate Journal publishes articles and reviews concerned with function, composition, structure and synthesis of glycoconjugates; biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, immunology and cell biology to glycoconjugates and aspects related to disease processes etc.

The journal is a Springer publication and organizes the biennial International Symposia on Glycoconjugates.

Prof. M.J. Swamy can be contacted on

By Ms. Donita Jose
Department of Communication