The Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI has selected three faculty members from University of Hyderabad (UoH) for the DBT CREST AWARD 2012-13 (Department of Biotechnology – Cutting-edge Research Enhancement and Scientific Training- Award) formerly known as Biotechnology Overseas Associateship (BTOA) programme. DBT CREST AWARD aims to promote capacity building in cutting edge areas of biotechnology and life sciences. The Award will promote and support scientists of highest merit in their pursuit of skill enhancement in scientific research/training in overseas laboratories.


Dr. Lalitha Guruprasad

Dr. Lalitha Guruprasad, School of Chemistry; Dr. Ragiba Makandar, Department of Plant Sciences and Dr. Seema Mishra, Department of Biochemistry have been selected for the coveted award among the 41 members from all over India for the year 2012-13.



Dr. Ragiba Makandar


Dr. Seema Mishra

Dr. Lalitha Guruprasad is pursuing research in the areas of genome sequence analysis, three dimensional structure modeling and drug design using in-silico methods. Research emphasis is on the proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome and other disease related organisms. Dr. Lalitha Guruprasad’s lab has also developed ab-initio methods for the identification of repeats and domains in proteins using computational tools. Dr. Ragiba Makandar is associated with research in the areas of Plant Molecular Genetics and Plant Disease Signaling, Molecular mechanisms of Plant-Microbe Interactions; Genetic Engineering and Functional Genomics. Dr. Seema Mishra works on research in Systems biology and computational drug discovery for infectious diseases and Systems biology studies for exploring interrelationship between hypoxia and Notch genes in human Glioblastoma multiforme tumors.

The awardees have been selected based on the parameters like applicants holding a Ph. D degree or equivalent degree in the area of life sciences, biotechnology or biopharmaceuticals or M.D. in medicine/ M. Pharma or M.Tech with good research contribution and 3 years research experience; holding regular/ permanent positions in Government recognized research and academic institutions / universities and actively engaged in biotechnology or related R&D work and from internationally recognized academic/research institutes.

The list of selected candidates for the year 2012-13 is displayed on the DBT website as given below.