The hostels boarders at University of Hyderabad (UoH) have for some time now frequent problems relating to the scholarships, medical insurance, engineering, plumbing, sanitation, etc. during their stay in the campus. Students used to submit complaint or enter the respective registers about the problems. The same would be forwarded to the concerned department and later they would address the issues. But this procedure has consumed lot of paper and time for resolving the issues for the students and the hostel staff.

In order to minimize the consumption of paper and time taken to resolve the issues, the Chief Warden’s Office has set up an Online Ticketing System (OTS) which can be accessed at Now the hostel boarders can submit their issues to OTS and the same will be automatically forwarded to the concerned department which will address the issues at the earliest possible. The status of the issue can be replied and updated by the boarders and the concerned department as well. Once the issue is resolved, the ticket will be closed and the closed tickets will be deleted from the system. Tickets not addressed/resolved within a reasonable time will automatically get escalated to the next higher level until it is resolved.

Now the hostel boarders will be able to access the OTS and their issues can be resolved in best possible time. They can read frequently asked questions ( before submitting their ticket.

A video is also available to the students as how the OTS works.