The WILD LENS Team and Department of Horticulture at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) organised a “Medicinal and Aromatic Garden” Plantation drive in the campus. As a part of Annual Plantation drive this season WILD LENS Team has chosen Medicinal Plantation drive. Earlier the team conducted five Plantation drives with Horticulture dept., which include “Birthday Plantation Program”, through which the “WILD LENS Park” was developed in south campus.

The program was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P. Appa Rao. Also present were Registrar Shri Sardar Singh, Former Dean of School of Life Sciences Prof. P. Reddanna, Prof Sarada, Dr Roy Karnati, Dr Vengal Rao and Public Relations Officer Shri Ashish Jacob Thomas. Horticulture dept staff Shri CP Sharma and V Subba Rao put their best efforts in establishing this by working beyond the possible limitations.

WILD LENS Team who took part include: Dr. Ravi Jillapalli (Founder), Karthik Jirra, Dr. Mahesh Gokara, Bandi Gowtham, Geeta Patil and Mahati Kandarpa.

The Team procured plants from CIMAP, TS Forest Academy and few from campus. The whole idea behind initiating such drive is to encourage the Nature based traditional medication methods, which also has the advantage of lesser side effects. Human-beings are gifted with wonder herbal drugs in nature; however modernization is leading towards hazardous life styles. With this we wanted to bring the herbal based treatment closure to the community. This is among the first efforts by a team in any University in the country. Now the team has 300 plus Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of 55 different species of highly significant plants in their possession. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar appreciated the efforts of Horticulture staff and students in taking up this initiative.

Few important species which are being grown are:

1. Ashwgandha- Neural protection, stress reduction etc

2. Multivitamin plant (Sauropus)- Has all vitamins except vitamin D

3. Kalmegh- Vermicidal, used in fevers

4. Insulin plant (Costus)- used in diabetes

5. Lemon grass- essential aromatic oil preparations

6. Vattiveru- rheumatism, arthritis

7. Tulasi- Cold, fever, bronchitis, kidney stones

8. Bael- Diarrohea, digestion, gastro intestinal problems

9. Aloevera-Cosmotic, rashes, digestion

10. Turmeric- Anti bacterial, anti fungal

11. Ajwain- digestive related issues, anti bacterial

12. Catharanthus- Anti cancer properties

13. Adhatoda-Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, febrifuge

14. Nelavavili- Cardio tonic, carminative, rheumatism,

15. Kasthuri benda- Respiratory disorders

16. Brahmi- enhance and rejuvenate memory, improve immunity

17. Nalleru-obesity, diabetes, cholesterol

18. Jatropha- Antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, anti-proliferative (Cancer treatment)

19. Asparagus-dyspepsia, stomach ulcers, bronchitis etc