For the very first time in the University of Hyderabad (UoH) the School of Life Sciences students came out of the laboratories and spent quality time in the lap of lush green Nature on Sunday the 23rd August 2015.

WILD LENS, a group established with the objective of safe-guarding the wildlife in the campus and working for the enrichment of campus biodiversity organized the “Nature Walk” which aimed at educating the students about University wildlife and its biodiversity.


Jillapalli Ravi, a Research Scholar from School of Life Sciences who is the founder WILD LENS, has helped in handing over good number of Poachers to the University Security, Police and the Forest department.

The key supporter of the Nature Walk program has been Dr. Roy Karnati, DST Young Scientist and the same was flagged off by Prof. P. Reddanna, the Dean of the School of Life Sciences. As part of the programme a wildlife photography competition was also organized to encourage थे student community towards awareness of biodiversity in the campus. Around 120 people participated in the event.


The group visited important places in the campus that included the Menhir Rock, where the Megalithic period articles like Pottery, skeletal remains and weapons were excavated; the Oldest Black Granite stone; Old Rocky temple; the High rock and the Pile up rock etc. थे Nature Walk concluded at University’s Historic Museum.

Before the Nizam’s period itself the University of Hyderabad area is considered as a rich heritage site with one of the Heritage Natural Rock called Mushroom Rock. It is one among the ten heritage rocks in the Hyderabad city according to the Archeological Survey of India.


The day was spent well with all the participants enjoying this unique activity which has been organized because of the active participation of Divyaa Gupta, Maruthi. M, Venkat Rao, Kishore Nalam, Papa Rao and other members of the WILD LENS group.