Dr Dibakar Das, a Professor in the School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, University of Hyderabad (UoH), has received a Visiting Professor award grant from University of Bordeaux, France. The grant was awarded against Visiting Scholar 2024 proposal call launched by the University of Bordeaux within the framework of the France 2030 plan and the proposed visit is planned during May-June, 2025.

Dr Dibakar Das

Under this award grant, Prof. Das will work on the project titled “Printed lead-free piezoceramics for energy harvesting and storage” in collaboration with Prof Hélène Debeda, a member of the PRIMS (PRInted Microelectromechanical Systems) team, IMS (Integration: from Material to Systems) laboratory, Organic Electronics research group, College of Science and Technology, University of Bordeaux, France. The primary mandate of this mobility project is to work on developing joint proposals for submission in France and India for establishing a long-term academic collaboration for training and exchange of students, exchange of faculties etc. In this visiting program, Prof Das will give a lecture on a tentative title “Investigation of Lead-free Electroceramics for Energy, Stress Sensing, Microelectronics and Health-care Applications” to the PhD students and members of the IMS laboratory and ICMCB (Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux) community. Basics on synthesis of lead-free oxides, screen-printing pastes, microwave sintering, screen-printing layer deposition and its thermal treatment will be dealt with as part of the teaching hours and dissemination of knowledge activities within the framework of the program. Prof Das will also visit ICMCB and interact with its member as part of this mobility project.