Ms. Swathy Sree, MA (5- Year Integrated) Economics student passed out in 2013 and presently employed with

HSBC, Analytics Division in Bangalore shares her experience with UoH Herald



It was right after my 12th I joined HCU for the Integrated Masters Program in Social sciences and there were lots of wonders awaiting me. If I look back the journey, it’s all about what University taught me and how it shaped me as I am now.

Integrated program is the place where one can have a taste of diverse discipline and decide on which field to specialize.  In the initial period, it is quite common to be confused, but slowly we will learn and understand what our area is and what we want to be. Whatever I have learnt during those five years had its own contribution to what I am today.

Coming to School of Economics, course structure is designed in such a manner that every post graduate scholar will have an exposure to multiple schools of thought. The School maintains a proper balance between theoretical and quantitative analysis. This really helped me in the group discussion and interview conducted by HSBC. Being good in quantitative techniques is not enough; one has to understand the theory and purpose behind each technique to come up with solutions for the scenarios put forward. Taking advices from others regarding choice of courses is good but at the end preference must be given for our interests and aims. I had always chosen a blend of courses which raised my interest to learn. When it comes to placements it is essential to remember that prospective employers will see what we are good at. They will be least interested in a person even when she/he has taken all required courses but could not explain to them what actually the subject is about. We should be thorough in our basics to ensure that any queries could be well answered.

In group discussions and interview, overcoming tension and performing up to the mark matters a lot. University of Hyderabad molded me to face all kind of challenges boldly.  Actively participate in campus programs to get rid of stage fear and to learn how to effectively communicate.

I would like to thank all teachers and everyone in the University who helped me to achieve this success.

I would like to wrap this up by saying that we all have good opportunities in front of us, but where we ultimately reach is entirely dependent on what we do now. The world out here is very different; to successfully embrace it, prepare yourself when you are in the University. I could assure you that HCU is where you can actually fall, fail and learn as it is said failures are stepping stones to success. Just keep this quote in mind, “I am what I am today because of what I did yesterday.”