Every year the University of Hyderabad brings out its Annual Calendar based on a particular theme. This year the theme was ‘Mesoscopic Life on the Campus”. The contest was open to the University fraternity and more than 200 entries were received for the contest.

26 pictures were short-listed and published in the table-top calendar 2017. These pictures were uploaded online and a contest was announced to select the best picture among them. It was placed on the site fotocontest.commuoh.in.

The picture “Bejewelled, Deadly Spider Web Glittering at Night” submitted by Mr. Mahesh Gokara has got the maximum likes.

Congratulations to Mahesh Gokara. We acknowledge the contributions of all our students and faculty whose entries have made our calendar an unforgettable souvenir.

Mahesh Gokara can be reached on email: mahesh.uohyd@gmail.com

Based on the maximum likes received online the best pictures selected are as follows:

1 Mr. Mahesh Gokara (Spider – December)
2 Prof. Sudhakar Marathe (Ant on eggs – March)
3 Mr. K. Vamshidhar (Chameleon – February)
4 Prof. Sudhakar Marathe (White eggs – March)
5 Mr. Ravi Jillapalli (Beetle Nursery – September)
6 Mr. K. Vamshidhar (Cover page – Front Cover)
7 Prof. Sudhakar Marathe (Fly with eggs – March)
8 Mr. Mahesh Gokara (Red Beauty – October)
9 Mr. Ravi Jillapalli (Two beetles – July)
10 Prof. Sudhakar Marathe (Dragon Fly – September)