World Environment Day Celebrations at UoH

On the occasion of “World Environment Day”, Towards Better India (TBI) and Students for Development (SFD), University of Hyderabad (UoH) along with staff of Sanitation and Horticulture Department conducted White Rocks, Pond Clean up drive and Tree Plantation drive near the School of Computer and Information Sciences. Around 50 plus active volunteers which include Students, Faculty, Horticulture and Sanitation staff took up the task of making the campus clean and green.

This kind of regular clean up drives and desilting activities improve the water retention and quality of water especially before the rainy season and is useful for Wildlife consumption.

The Chief Guest of this initiative Dean-Students’ Welfare (DSW) Prof RS Sarraju said “On this World Environment Day, It’s time for protecting nature and we must rededicate ourselves in protecting the biodiversity of the campus”. He also said that it’s important for all the residents of the campus to protect biodiversity through regular clean-up drives and tree plantation.

Sr Horticulturist Shri CP Sharma said “World Environment Day is the right day to encourage the people worldwide to protect the biodiversity from the environmental changes by plantation of trees”. He also encouraged the interested students on Area Adoption Programs for plantation and maintenance of trees near their respective schools and hostels to make the campus Clean and Green.


Mr. Rohit Kumar Bondugula, Founder Member of Towards Better India, said: “We have initiated White Rock Clean up drive and Tree Plantation with motto “Our Campus-Our responsibility- Save Biodiversity”. “Trees and Lakes are vital parts of our Ecosystem and they need to be preserved for the future generations”, he added.

The UoH campus is rich in flora and fauna, home to over 734 flower plants, ten species of mammals, fifteen species of reptiles, and 220 species of birds. The University is adorned with three beautiful lakes namely Peacock lake and Buffalo lake and several seasonal ponds. All these animals depend on Peacock and Buffalo lakes and other small ponds for their daily water needs. It’s our responsibility to revive the Lakes and keep a check for the polluting agents.

The University authorities have been kind enough to encourage the university staff to participate in this noble cause. The student volunteers comprising of Mr. Rajshekhar, Mr. Ashok, Mr. Vijay Singh, Mr. Akash, Mr. Venkat Siddhu, Mr. Mani Varma, Mr. Ratan Singh, Mr Kiran Kumar, Mr. Anil Kumar, Mr Chandu Yadav, Mr Laxman and Mr Adithya Kumar Chowdary thank Deputy Registrar Shri Srinivas Rao, Horticulture Staff- Shri Chandra Prakash Sharma, Shri V Subba Rao, Shri Ramchander, Shri Rajender Reddy, Shri Md Bahadur Khan Sanitation department staff- Shri Mallesh for providing the required tools and manpower for the program”.