The Centre for Distance and Virtual Learning (CDVL) at University of Hyderabad (UoH) is offering various one year Diploma programmes for the benefit of a large number of students.  In order to provide hands-on training and also to improve placement opportunities, it is offering some of the programmes jointly with the reputed Public Organizations and also with Private Organizations. These programmes are in compliance with the UGC Regulations for offering ODL and online programmes 2020. Under the concept of Higher Education contributions to the Society. Recently, UoH and NIRD&PR have renewed the MoU. This meeting was attended by the Chairman, MoU Committee, Prof. N Siva Kumar and Dr. S.L. Sabat, Convenor, Prof. S. Jeelani, Director, CDVL, Internal Audit Officer from UoH side. The officials from NIRD&PR, Registrar Shri. Manoj Kumar, Prof. S. Jyothis, Head of Distance Education and other faculty members have attended.   As per the MoU both NIRD&PR and CDVL officials will continue to offer the Diploma in Panchayat Raj Governance & Rural Development (DPRG&RD) as a one-year programme.

NIRD&PR officials have informed that nearly 30 lakh Panchayati Secretaries are working in the various Panchayats in various states. They need to have regular upgradation of the new developments in areas of Panchayati Raj and Governance, through this one-year programme which is being offered online/offline and will help a large number of Panchayati Secretaries and the fresh graduates to pursue the programme along with their jobs.

This one-year Diploma programme consisting of 40 credits is being offered in two semesters.  Each semester will have 20 credits. The soft copy of Study Material will be provided to all the participants. Besides, there is a continuous assessment of both internal and external evaluation. In the second semester, the participants will have to go through the project work. This will help them to come out with creative and innovative solutions for the problems of the society, especially at the level of Panchayati Raj and Governance.