The Health Centre of the University of Hyderabad (UoH), in collaboration with GHMC, Primary Health Department and Citizen Hospital organized an awareness programme on Swine Flu at the Gurbaksh Singh Maidan on February 9, 2015 at 11.00 am.

The awareness camp was inaugurated by Prof. RP Sharma, Vice-Chancellor In-charge. Speaking to the students, employees and the school children on the campus, he emphasized the need to maintain neatness and cleanliness, not only in one’s home, but also in the surroundings to help the society come over such epidemics. He also advised the audience to take precautionary measures by blocking one’s nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, as these are media to spread the air-borne virus, causing health hazard to others. He also advised the children that they should disseminate the information among other children and elders.

Giving an overview of the symptoms of swine flu, Dr. Praveen Kumar exhorted all to be careful with excessive sneeze, cough and fever, ultimately causing lung infection. He advised the gathering that sneezing or coughing should never be done openly; rather a kerchief or a cloth piece should be kept ready to block the virus from getting scattered and that the hands should be cleaned neatly from time to time and every time food is consumed as they tend to get contaminated. He underscored the need to use preventive medicines even while staying away from public, thus largely curbing its spread.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Arekapudi Gandhi, MLA of Serilingampally Assembly Constituency, told the gathering that the recent initiative ‘Swach Bharat’ is aimed at bringing consciousness of cleanliness in the society and everybody has the responsibility of contributing towards this end. As we keep our house clean, we should also keep roads and surroundings clean and the trash should never be thrown indiscriminately. If necessary, the help of civic bodies like GHMC should be sought. He called upon everyone to observe all precautionary measures, especially taking preventive medicines, to effectively counter it.

On this occasion, the Vice-Chancellor and Mr. Gandhi administered homeopathic medicines to a few children and advised the gathering to get vaccination done from the University’s Health Centre depending on the symptoms.

Photo Courtesy-Namasthe Telangana