Only University from the State to be in the top 25 out of the 750+ surveyed

Ranked 22 overall; 15 in Facebook; 25 in Twitter

Survey carried out for the first time among Education Institutions

The city-based University of Hyderabad has been ranked 22 in the top 25 ‘Socioversities’ in the country, in a survey conducted by Career360, an online portal for higher education rating and career counseling in India. Career 360, which is an initiative of the Outlook group, describes Socioversity as a “pioneering attempt to identify and rank universities that have been most effective in harnessing the power of new media”. More than 750 Central, State, Deemed and Private Universities and Institutions were surveyed for this study.

The ranking is based on the ‘Socio IQ Index’ created based on 20 sub-parameters on the qualitative use of the social media. Incidentally, the University of Hyderabad is the only institution from the State to find a place on this list, which was based on a survey of more than 700 institutions including Central, State and private Universities, IIMs and IITs. UoH has been active on the social media only for the last couple of years, yet has overtaken Universities like JNU and BHU which have been active for more than 4-5 years. UoH also has an online bi-lingual newsletter UoH Herald which is one of its kinds among the institutions.


A total of 5 parameters were used which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and performance over web and are further subdivided into specific parameters. Activity on Facebook has been given the highest weightage points (50) followed by Twitter (40). LinkedIn has been given weightage points of 15 and Google+ has been given 10. The overall web presence is marked on 15 points. A minimum of 5000 likes on FB and 200 followers on Twitter has been set as benchmark criteria for ranking. Detail can be seen at

UoH is ranked 22 among the top 25 Universities in the country. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur topped the list while IIT Bombay is second followed by IIT Madras and Amity University Noida.

UoH ranks 15 in terms of its presence on Facebook (, the most popularly used social media. Indian institute of Science, Bangalore topped the list. UoH ranks 25 in the list based on its presence on Twitter ( IIT Bombay topped the list. This is determined by the number of individuals from the institution active on the platform.

Harvard University (USA) topped the list of best International Socioversities. No Indian University featured in the top 25 globally.

While the University of Hyderabad does have some distance to travel in terms of its social media presence, the ranking certainly shows that it has made a beginning.

Priyanka Manikandan