Dr. Irala Loknandha Reddy, Associate Professor and Dr. B. Raja Shekhar, Senior Professor from School of Management Studies win the BEST PEDAGOGICAL INNOVATION AWARD at IIMA FDP Conference held at IIMA Ahmedabad May 26-27, 2023.



The faculty developed a set of innovative tools using the Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets that enhance the teaching effectiveness and student engagement while addressing the teacher taught issues during Covid-19
For instance, the content sharing tool on one hand helps teachers dynamically share the learning material with the students before, during and after the class and helps students maintain a cloud repository of learning material organised date wise, topic wise and activity wise. The students need not keep a separate record of class work, assignments and need not duplicate the material. This tools also helps a teacher create a master course with all material as a one-time effort and then create as many different courses/ sub courses with custom mix of modules, choice of the order of modules and selection of topic in each module. All this can be done in few minutes with almost no effort of choosing the modules, their order and choice of topics in each module. In another template the teacher can choose a set of transactions and have the Journal, Ledger and Trial balance created automatically. The template can be used by the teacher to cerate as many different exercises with varying nature of transactions and amounts that can be uses as exercises for practice and evaluation. In fact, each student can be given a unique exercise to solve in an examination context.

The above was presented during the IIMA FDP Conference cum reunion held at IIMA Ahmedabad, May 26-27, 2023. The event was attended by as many as 150plus management faculty from all over India covering 43 FDP batches from 1980 to 2023.

The work won the BEST PEDAGOGICAL INNOVATION AWARD in the pedagogy and Curriculum innovation track.