Dr. Markandeya Gorantla and Dr. Vijaya Bhasker Reddy alumni of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) from the Department of Plant Sciences and co-founders of ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd., based in Genome Valley, Hyderabad were invited for the “At Home Reception’ hosted by Hon’ble President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 15th August 2023. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr Markandeya Gorantla could not attend the programme.

Dr. Vijaya Bhasker Reddy with Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister

Dr Markandeya Gorantla and Dr Vijaya Bhasker Reddy have been mentored by Prof Arjula Reddy, former faculty member, Department of Plant Sciences at UoH. Dr Vijaya Bhasker Reddy got a rare opportunity to interact with the President, Vice President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar and the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister learnt about their work and appreciated their efforts.

Dr Markandeya Gorantla and Dr Vijaya Bhasker Reddy are proud to celebrate their company’s continued efforts in developing futuristic agricultural pest management solutions. With multiple Pheromone delivery systems and a targeted approach, ATGC is the first company in the world to use synthetic Biology, unravel the Genome to Pheromone pathway, and an art to produce species-specific pheromone with just water and enzymes bringing the production of Pheromones with Net Zero Carbon Credits.

This year only 3 organisations/institutions from science and technology i.e. ATGC, ISRO (Chandrayan 3 team), NEERI were invited to Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

University of Hyderabad Congratulates Dr Markandeya Gorantla and Dr Vijaya Bhasker Reddy and is proud of their achievements.