Prof Arun Agarwal, Pro VC-1, University of Hyderabad unfurled the National Flag to mark the 70th Republic Day of India and the 1st for the CUAP, which was inaugurated on 5th August, 2018 by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Union Human Resource Development Minister, G.O.I., mentored by University of Hyderabad a well-established and renowned University.

Prof Agarwal in his message said that this is a day to remember with gratitude the enormous efforts and sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters whose blood and sweat gave us Independence and created our Republic. Above all, this is a day to cherish our republican values. A Republic is its people. Citizens do not just make up and preserve a Republic; they are its ultimate stakeholders and in fact pillars. Each one of us is a pillar – the teacher who educates our Republic; the staff who provides quality administrative support and the students in whom lie the energy, hopes, dreams and are future of our Republic.

A confident and forward-looking nation is built by confident and forward-looking young people. Over 60 per cent of our fellow citizens are below the age of 35. It is in them that our hopes lie. We need to expand the frontiers of education and of knowledge for them. Our aspiration must be to reform, upgrade and enlarge our education system – and to make it relevant to 21st century realities of the digital economy, genomics, robotics and automation. This must be our obsessive goal. Our University has to encourage our children to think and to tinker, not just to memorize and reproduce. We need to craft a modern India that is both a land of talent – and a land of unlimited opportunities for that talent. This is the Republic that our young students need to take forward and enhance – in keeping with their vision, their ambition and their ideals.

Following faculty members accompanied the Pro VC-1 to the dias to unfurl the National Flag: Prof. V V N Rajendra Prasad, Prof. G Gopal Reddy and Prof. Budati Venlateswarlu and also delivered brief messages. Students later presented inspiring patriotic songs. Towards the end Pro VC -1, distributed prizes and certificates for events conducted on the campus and Mr. B. Srinivas, AR (CUAP) proposed vote of thanks. PVC-1 thanked all present for excellent arrangements and coordination.