A Sensitization programme aimed to enhancing awareness regarding psychological issues among students was organized by the O/o. DSW in collaboration with CIS on 19.02.2019 at CIS. The programme involved an interactive session with students conducted by Dr. Poornima Nagaraja, a renowned Psychiatrist. She interacted with the students on the topic ‘Developing the skills of life’.

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In his opening remarks, Prof. Sanjay Subhodh, Director, CIS welcomed Dr. Poornima Nagaraja and emphasized on need for organizing such sessions with experts from relevant fields. He informed the students that based on their responses to such sessions of talks intended to be jointly organized by the Office of DSW and CIS, an intensive workshop to train them on life skills may also be conducted. Prof. Debashis Acharya, Dean, Students’ Welfare also welcomed such programmes and urged the students to use such opportunities of interacting with experts for enhanced efficiency in dealing with their problems. Dr, G. Padmaja, Dy. DSW introduced the speaker Dr. Poornima Nagaraja to the students and Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao, Dy. DSW thanked Dr. Poornima Nagaraja for her valuable address and interaction with Students.
In her interaction with students which lasted for about two hours, Dr. Poornima Nagaraja discussed the need for developing skills of life for well being. She focused on major issues like dealing with relationships, self harm behavior and several addictions. With the help of case examples she pointed that progress in contemporary scientific fields and technology have been highly beneficial to the mankind but at the same time can also be the causes of stress if not utilized positively. She highlighted how a need for integrity and emotional balance, assertiveness, and focus on goals can help a student in building a bright future. With the help of visuals, she explained how extreme forms of behavior indicative of body harm are detrimental to the progress of a student.

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Addictions, body harm, inability to handle relationships, all deviate the student from focusing on building a bright future. While enjoyment and fun are expected and are normal at their age, for adolescents and youth the important fact and reality that they should never forget is understand the importance of moderation and not going to extremes. After Dr Poornima’ s presentation, the session was open for discussion. Students participated in the discussion with enthusiasm and asked several questions which were clarified by Dr. Poornima Nagaraja and wherever necessary by Dr. G. Padmaja, Dy. DSW who co-ordinated the programme. The programme ended with a vote of thanks from Dr Hymavathi, Psychological Counselor, UoH.