Research and Innovation has been the major thrust of the University of Hyderabad since its inception.  The University encourages all its faculty members and research scholars to participate in the core areas of research in their respective fields.  The interdisciplinary approach and quality in teaching and research are well appreciated.

The Research & Development section of the University facilitates researchers of the University for carrying out research projects, consultancy works, patents and technology transfers etc.  This section is responsible for interacting with various stakeholders, both internal and external.  In the University, the Research & Development section acts as the single window for partnership with all the funding agencies and R&D organizations at national and international level.

The major functions of Research & Development section are to oversee the following areas in the University:

  • Sponsored Research Projects
  • Consultancy jobs
  • Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN)
  • Patent know-how and transfer of technology
  • Sponsored fellowships/assistantships
  • Research assistance grant to new faculty members at the University.
  • Promotion of Institute – Industry Interaction
  • Collaboration with Institutions in India and abroad
  • MoUs/ MoAs for collaborations
  • Summer undergraduates research awards

Recently a video has been released highlighting the research infrastructure at the University of Hyderabad

Visit the link below:


Prof. Samrat L. Sabat is the Director – Research & Development Centre

He can be reached by Email:

Research @ UoH