A 4-day International Conference on ‘Perspectives in Nonlinear Dynamics 2013 (PNLD 2013)’ was inaugurated today (15th July 2013) at the CV Raman Auditorium on the University of Hyderabad (UoH) campus in Gachibowli.

PNLD 2013 is a major international conference with a long-standing tradition in nonlinear dynamics and is being co-hosted by the UoH and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research-Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences (TCIS). It is a satellite meeting to STATPHYS25, the 25th International Conference on Statistical Physics of the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), which is being held in Seoul, Korea during July 22-26, 2013.



Prof. M Lakshmanan

After the inaugural session, Prof. M Lakshmanan from Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, Bharathidasan University made a presentation on Nonlinear Dynamics of Spin Transfer Nano Oscillators.

The meeting highlights nonlinear science research, and will be a useful forum for the exchange of ideas, for presenting research, and for catalysing collaborative research. More than 30 renowned scientists have gathered from reputed institutions in India, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Austria, USA and Japan. They will be making presentations at the conference and discussing on themes relating to Theoretical and Mathematical aspects: Synchronization, Bifurcations, Time- delay systems, Chaos; Nonlinear Phenomena in Engineering Sciences and Applications; Nonlinear Phenomena in Biological and Medical Sciences; Non-equilibrium phenomena: Pattern formation, Collective dynamics, Active fluids, Abrupt phase transitions, Extreme events; Complex and Multilayer Networks and their Applications: Communications, Traffic, Economics, Social phenomena; Nonlinear phenomena in Earth Sciences; Quantum chaos and Integrability.