Dr. Pratap Kollu, Assistant Professor at Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST), School of Physics has been presented the “Young Scientist Award” at the 9th International Conference on Advanced Materials Processing which has been held at the North-Eastern University, Shenyang, China during September 25-29, 2018. This conference is held to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the university. Over 600 participants and around 50 invited speakers presented their research work. Dr. Kollu was one of the invited speakers and also chairman for “functional materials” session.


This award is decided and given by a panel of five professors headed by a professor from the National University of Singapore who is editor in chief of the prestigious Advanced Materials journal. Dr. Kollu was chosen for the award because of his outstanding research achievements in advanced materials processing.

Dr. Kollu has more than 50 publications to his credit and carries out research in the following areas:

• Magnetic Sensors for Health Care
• Giant MagnetoImpedance(GMI) Sensor
• Fluxgate Sensor on Si Chip
• Tunnelling Magneto Resistance(TMR)
• Multiferroics and Meta Materials
• Graphene Nanocomposites
• Water purification, Li – Ion & Na – Ion battery applications

young scientist award 2018